Informational Videos

Videos from the Insurance Commissioner's Office

Watch these educational videos to learn more about the Department of Insurance, how the Department assists the citizens of Delaware, how it helps the community, driving safety tips, preparing for disaster and more!

Video 2

Working to reach out to consumers.

Video 1

Commissioner Stewart discusses how to avoid insurance mistakes.

Video 2

Commissioner Stewart discusses the importance of having a home inventory.

Video 3

Commissioner Stewart discusses how the DOI generates revenue and how the revenue is distributed throughout the State of Delaware.

Video 4

Commissioner Stewart discusses DOI’s role in protecting consumers.

Video 5

Don't wait when disaster strikes! This video explains the benefits of taking the time to do your Home Inventory NOW.

Video 6

Commissioner Stewart discusses DOI’s part in funding the Delaware volunteer fire, rescue and ambulance companies.

Video 7

Commissioner Stewart's interview on how DOI enforces insurance companies to pay consumers when it is due.

Video 8

Auto Focus Safety Tip: How to properly adjust your side view and rear view mirrors.

Video 9

Commissioner Stewart discusses the activities of the Insurance Department.

Video 10

An informational video from the Delaware Insurance Department discussing the important benefits of Long Term Care Insurance.



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