The Rates/Forms Division is responsible for reviewing and regulating insurance contracts and rate filings. As each filing is received, it is reviewed in order to determine compliance with applicable actuarial standards, statutory provisions, and regulations. Of most importance is assuring that the rates are not inadequate, excessive or unfairly discriminatory.

Life & Health

General Instructions - NEW Revised July 2, 2014

State Specific Requirements

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Exhibit A (from Regulation 1204) - Notice to Applicant Rearding Replacement of Life Insurance

Property & Casualty

General Instructions - Revised July 15, 2013

State Specific Requirements

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Certification of Readability

Form A (from Regulation 603)


Each Health Rate Filing will be posted on the Department's website. Public comment regarding a specific filing may be sent to the DOI for a period of 14 days following the posting of the rate filing. Click on the email address below to send a comment.

Health Insurance Rate Filings

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Comments about a filing should be emailed to:

Filing Result Reports

Auto Rate Filings Updated October 30, 2014

Homeowner Rate Filings Updated October 14, 2014

Medical Premium Rate Filings Updated May 19, 2015

Medical Premium Rate Filings Justification Forms (Individual) Posted

Medical Premium Rate Filings Justification Forms (Small Group) Posted