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New Actuaries' Reports:
Public Information Sessions:
Department of Insurance (Dover Office) - 841 Silver Lake Blvd., Dover DE, 19904
Del Tech College (Owens Campus) - 21179 College Dr., Georgetown DE, 19947
Carvel State Office Building - 820 N. French St., 2nd Floor, Wilmington DE, 19801
Public Hearings:
Carvel State Office Building - 820 N. French St., Mezzanine Floor, Wilmington DE, 19801
Carvel State Office Building - 820 N. French St., Mezzanine Floor, Wilmington DE, 19801

The purpose of the three public information sessions is to provide information to the public on the process followed by the Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau (DCRB) in the preparation and filing of Filing No. 1502, and the process followed by the Department of Insurance in reviewing Filing No. 1502. The public information sessions are not the forum to discuss or debate the merits of the DCRB rate filing, or whether it should be approved or disapproved. Those topics will be the subject of the November public hearing.

The docket for this matter can be found here.

The public is invited to make comments in writing or orally at the public information sessions. Written comments must be received no later than Monday, October 19, 2015, by 4:00 p.m., and should be addressed to the attention of Rhonda West, Regulatory Specialist, Delaware Department of Insurance, 841 Silver Lake Boulevard, Dover, DE 19904; or can be sent via email to mailto: DOI_WorkersComp@state.de.us. Any public comment submitted, along with the names and addresses of those submitting public comments, will be published on the Delaware Department of Insurance website and is subject to release under 29 Del. C. §§ 10001 – 10006.

Leave a Comment with the Ratepayer Advocate:
If you would like to submit a public comment to the Ratepayer Advocate regarding Filing No. 1502, please send an e-mail to ratepayer_advocate@schmittrod.com

Carrier Pricing Benchmark Application

DCRB Hearing

This application contains all authorized manual rates by classification and carrier and can be found on the Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau, Inc.'s (DCRB) website.

Rates may be selected either by carrier (showing the selected carrier's authorized manual rates for all classifications) or by classification (showing authorized manual rates in the selected classification for all carriers). Manual rates may be sorted by carrier within classification in ascending or descending order using the tools included in the application.

The Carrier Pricing Benchmark Application is available free of charge, but does reside in a secure area of the DCRB's website requiring registration prior to use. The application can be selected as a menu option on the DCRB website once a user has registered via the Application Login link found on the left sidebar of the DCRB's website. First time users will be asked to register before using this application.

Click the link here and you will be transferred to the DCRB website.